Below are some of the questions we get asked from time to time.

Q. Why should I create an account?

A. Creating an account with us makes it easier and much faster for you to check out. Customers with accounts can also have the added benefit of signing up for our newsletter. Being apart of our newsletter puts you first in line for special sales and exclusive items. We might even send you a birthday gift ;).

Q. Is my information secure when shopping on your site?

A. Yes. 100%. We do not store any of your personal financial information on this site and we use SSL encryption to ensure a secure shopping experience.

Q. Where can I purchase your clothing other than online?

A. If you are in Chico you can come by our shop at 808 Cherry Street during our business hours from 10-6pm Monday through Friday or 12-5pm Saturday and browse our selection. You can also find our products at one of our retailers, Anika Burke, Made in Chico, The Bungalow or Greenline Cycles.

Q. I’m local and I would like to avoid shipping. Can I pick up my order at your shop?

A. Unfortunately no. As a small clothing supply and distribution company we have to close our shop sometimes inconsistently. Often we have been closed when customers are trying to pick up their orders :(. So our solution is to offer free shipping if you spend over $50.

Q. Why Upper Park Clothing?

A. Upper Park is a landmark for both Chico and Northern California. The total Park size is 3,670 acres (15 km2), nearly 11 miles (18 km) in length, making it the third largest municipal park in California and one of the 25 largest city parks in the United States source. Upper Park provides our community with a great sense of pride and using design as a tool for communication we are able to share our love for the area.

Q.Where is Upper Park Clothing made?

A. All of our clothing is designed and decorated in Chico California.

Q. What is the turnaround for my order?

A. We usually ship out items within 7-10 business days. Some of our items are made to order and could take up to 14 days to process. If there are any irregularities in the making of an item, we will contact the purchaser. If you feel that your order has been lost, please contact sales@upperparkclothing.com

Q. Where are my email confirmations?

A. We have noticed customers using Yahoo will get emails in their spam box. If you are using Yahoo for your email, please make sure to check your spam box for our emails and adjust the settings to allow messages from upperparkclothing.com

Q. Do you guys ship internationally?

A. We only ship in the US for now. Please check back as this may change in the near future.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. You have 30 days after you receive your goods to return or exchange your product. The product must not be washed or damaged in order to return. We do not cover costs incurred shipping unless there is a defect in the product issued. If you believe the product to be defected, and would like a refund, please contact info@upperparkclothing.com.

Please contact info@upperparkclothing.com for any specific questions not answered here.